Last of the Cold Weather Means What?

This weekend here in Maryland, we are experiencing some lower-than-average temperatures. In fact, last night we were notified about potential freezing. Not a big deal — I am not among those who rush to the garden shop and buy tender annuals just because we had a spring tease in February with a warm week.

Nonetheless, it is cold again — at least for a few days. So what does that mean?

Of course! It’s Leather Weather!

Last night for the usual weekly family dinner, I wore a pair of leather jeans, leather shirt, and comfy Chippewa harness boots.

My brother hosted the dinner at a restaurant. I was there in full leather. No questions, no comments from the family. (One of the young waiters paid several compliments and couldn’t take his eyes off me. I laughed when a sister said that he was flirting with me. Ha!)

Today, Saturday, I will wear about the same garments — leather jeans, boots, leather shirt, and my Langlitz Crescent jacket. Where will I wear this gear? — out and about. I have an HOA meeting to attend, and also a number of my favorite LOLITS to take to the grocery store.

Tomorrow will be different attire. I have to “turn over” a rental property. Clean, paint, replace some carpet, and do other minor repairs. It is also supposed to be a bit warmer. So denim jeans, work boots, flannel shirt for the work-wear. I wouldn’t want to damage leather while doing repairs and painting.

Anyway, back to Friday and Saturday all day in leather. Why wear it?

Why NOT? I have made quite an investment my leather gear and want to get good use out of it. I scratch my head and really wonder about guys who buy leather jeans, shirts, vests, jackets, and boots, but tend only to wear this gear (or all of it at the same time — aka “full leather”) only to late-night gay social events.

Why in the heck buy and have the gear and not wear it? I really don’t understand.

In all the years I have owned and worn leather in public, very very few people say anything. In fact, whenever someone does say something, it is usually a question like “where’d you get that?” or a compliment, like “cool jeans” or “nice jacket.”

Last night’s reaction by the waiter in the restaurant is a perfect example. Comments are complimentary, not negative.

So once again, guys — if you’ve got it, wear it!

Life is short: wear leather!