Road Block II

I had mentioned before that I have hit a wall on ideas for the blog and have writer’s block again. Part of the problem is my own doing. This is a very busy time of year for me in my job, and I am doing my boss’ job back at the ranch as well because the boss has been on extended official travel out of the office. That’s fine — I enjoy being busy. And I steadfastly protect my “me time” out of the office to engage in my community voluntary service, as well as to devote to my spouse and attend to his needs as well as our relationship.

With all that, it leaves little time to do research and think about fresh ideas for this blog.

Two people made some suggestions for blog ideas, which include…

…the following suggestions:

* Boots of the Week: that’s okay if I remember and write down the boots that I wear. But I have to keep on top of that every day, and lately my days are so crunched that I haven’t had time. Just suffice it to say that I wear several pairs of boots from my cowboy boots and my dress boots collections every weekday, and from my motorcycle boots and work boots collection on weekends. I do not wear boots to bed, in the shower, or some evenings when snuggling in socks with the spouse. But that’s it… booted at all other times. After all, I AM Booted Harleydude.

* Community activism: generally, I refer to myself as a civic leader, community wonk, or engager. The word “activist” has some negative vibes to it these days. Let’s just say that I continue to volunteer in my community and “give back” in many ways. That kind of work is usually boring and mundane, but makes a difference over time. So I continue to serve as a Life Member in my local volunteer Fire Department by contributing to senior and fire safety education and outreach; appear at meetings of county Boards and meetings of our elected Council to give views on various projects, budgets, development, transportation, and other matters that affect the lives and livelihoods of my neighbors; I pick up and transport about a dozen “senior pals” to take them grocery shopping; I also do some home repairs and remodeling projects to make homes safer for older people to live in as they age-in-place; serve as a Road Captain and webmaster for my local safe-riding motorcycle club; serve as Treasurer for a public/private partnership that addresses repair and removal of community blight; serve as President of an association of civic associations and also of the homeowners association where I live. Again, most of this work is boring, routine, and mundane, but it makes me who I am — someone who is engaged with the community and county of his birth and upbringing.

* Motorcycle riding safety: what’s there to blog about (more than I already have?) Darwin-award chasers will continue to display their death-wish tendencies by riding in shorts and sneakers (or worse, flip-flops), a t-shirt, and no helmet while riding too fast for their skill. And they usually get by with it, furthering their feeling of invincibility. I tell ya, it only takes one wake-up call to find out that riding a motorcycle is dangerous, and that some rather simple and very cool-looking gear AND motorcycle boots can lower the risk of disabling injury or death. What bothers me most is the injury part — most hot-dogs who go down in a motorcycle crash sustain injuries that are extremely painful, such as tearing skin off to the bone, compound bone fractures, and internal organ injuries. Sometimes these injuries become permanent disabilities. There really is no need for that. Just gear up, ride sober, and ride within limits of skill (assessed through training, not grandiose self-assessment).

* Boot repair: Honestly, I don’t know what to do if pegs in the soles of cowboy boots work loose or come out. I’ve never had that happen before. All I can say is, “go see a cobbler.” Real honest-to-goodness cobblers have tools to fix problems like that, as well as a host of other boot-maladies.

Notice what wasn’t suggested … hmmm… I guess I have blogged enough about wearing leather garments as casual wear on an ongoing, regular basis. I’ve blogged enough about being a man/biker/civic engager who just happens to be gay. I’ve blogged way too much about how much I am head-over-bootheels in love with my spouse with whom I have been together for almost 24 years, and married for four years. Basta. Enough about that stuff.

Anyway, if you have more ideas, send them my way. I vow to keep this blog going, even when I run into a brain-dead rut.

Life is short: keep on keepin’ on!