Still Delerious

Yep, even two weeks later, I have a spring in my bootsteps and find myself grabbing my spouse and…

…thanking him again and again for enabling me to fulfill a major “bucket-list” item of mine — to ride a Harley on the Big Island of Hawaii.

(Scroll down below the photo for more…)Since I have been home, I find myself smiling often and thinking of my perfect and pleasant journey, riding on exceptionally well-maintained roads on the Big Island, following a buddy who lives there and works in Law Enforcement. My friend knew just where to go and where to stop for lovely views.

By the way — someone asked — “if your friend is a motorcycle police officer, did he ride his police bike? Did he wear a uniform? What boots did he wear?”

Curious readers, here are the answers —

* My friend was off-duty. He rode his personal Harley, which is a Road King, like mine (but newer.)

* No uniform since my friend was off-duty. He wore cargo pants made of ballistic nylon like I did. (These pants are called “Sliders” and are available on the retail market for motorcycle wear.) He also wore a long-sleeved shirt. I took more of a risk by wearing short sleeves with re-applied 100 SPF sunscreen every hour.

* My friend wore some kind of short tactical boots, like I did. On his regular job in uniform, he also wears short tactical boots. Motor officers do not wear tall black boots in the tropics.

Anyway, back to the more mundane routine of home. Even while working during the week and on weekends driving the spouse to doctor’s appointments, escorting lovely old ladies to the grocery store, tending to the Spring lawn and outdoor chores … I am still smiling the biggest, goofiest smile … all for the love of my hunky husband’s thoughtfulness in bringing me my “one day” of sheer joy.

Life is short: love life and spread joy.