14 Hours, 3 Flights, My “One Day”

After 14 hours on three airline flights, I finally made it…

…to a distant location at 19.6 degrees north, 156 degrees west and where the local language has just 12 letters in its alphabet.

And today, I will make something happen on my personal bucket list. You know, when you say, “one day before I die, I will…”

Well, today is this “one day” that I have made happen.

I will miss my spouse very much, but he cannot tolerate sitting on an airplane for an hour, much less 14.

Check back, I hope to have some photos of my “one day” adventure, before getting back to work for what brought me here in the first place.

Life is short: make “one day” happen.

2 thoughts on “14 Hours, 3 Flights, My “One Day”

  1. I’m curious to know what it is that’s on your ‘bucket list’ and which you will be doing so soon. Swimming with sharks, perhaps? Skydiving onto a volcano? Dancing the hula in a grass skirt? I dunno. I await your reveal with ‘bated’ breath.

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