Boot Changes As Quickly As The Weather

Lately here in the DC ‘burbs, the weather has been highly variable. Record-breaking warmth one day, followed by snow flurries and cold rain the next day, windstorms and drizzle and sun and warmth and cold and … oh my… at least it’s not raining men. (I have the only man I need, thanks.)

Anyway, with the temperatures varying by some 50F day-to-day, and with the precipitation also changing as rapidly as the temperatures, I accommodate those weather changes by changing boots much more frequently, too.

During this past week alone, I have gone from wearing my new Tecovas boots at the office to Chippewa loggers as soon as I got home to wear on a construction site.

Then when I got home from inspecting that project, I hosed the mud off those loggers and switched to Lucchese rattlesnake boots just because… I like them. Then went to a civic meeting where we debated wonky details.

Next day, I wore Lucchese caimans with dress clothes to work. Meetinged-to-death. When I got home, I changed into Heritage Brazos boots to continue to try to break them in. Those boots in particular really need a lot of break-in wear.

But then I saw intruders in the back yard eating everything in sight. Off with the dress cowboy boots and on with the first pair of work boots I could find, my Justin work boots. Chased those pesky deer away. (I hate deer!)

Back inside, I quickly removed those boots because they were caked in mud. Oh, did I say that it was raining? Mud galore in the back yard! Off with the boots and snuggled with the hubster the rest of the evening.

Next day, I chose french toe dressy Lucchese goatskin boots to wear with a suit (yuck) to a high-level meeting at a sister agency to the one for whom I work. Many compliments on the boots.

Back home, the hub had to go to a doctor’s appointment. Since he doesn’t drive, I take him. No way will I wear a suit when I don’t have to, so I very quickly changed to jeans and a flannel shirt. It was quite cold that day! I chose a pair of Boulet “cutter toe” cowboy boots to wear. The spouse’s doc noticed and complimented them.

The appointment did not go long, so we got home in time for me to prepare dinner, then head out to a quick meeting at my local fire department. Of course, I wore the volunteer uniform including Chippewa Firefighters (what else?)

Next day… warm in the morning and just a few internal meetings at the office, so a simple shirt-and-tie and Lucchese navy lizard boots went well with navy dress slacks.

Home from work, I had some more daylight to go outside and pick up branches that feel from the trees from a recent windstorm. Changed to jeans and Chippewa brown harness boots just because they looked lonely.

Prepared dinner and for one night this week — no evening meetings! Off with the boots, jeans, and t-shirt and on with the scuzzy fuzzy socks (and sweats.) Another snuggle night with the Spouse! Yay!

Work work work. Seems that is all I do. But few meetings today, though one with TBC*. So on with the shirt-and-power-tie, dress brown slacks, and Tony Lama Signature Series caimans. TBC likes those boots and so stated!

Home, changed to a pair of leather jeans and Chippewa black ostrich harness boots. Prepared dinner. Chased deer (it was dry). Then went to a meeting of my motorcycle club.

Home early, snuggled with the hubster for a while, then hit the sack at my usual 8:30pm.

Final workday morning, dress-down Friday, finds me at the office on a day where storms are forecast. So what to wear? Boots with some kind of sole that provides traction on slick pavers between the office and where I park the truck. Today, Justin Melo Veal tall ropers. Just because.

More changes of boots to come for a long and highly-scheduled weekend. Last weekend at home for a while as I prepare for a long trip out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Life is short: wear boots!

*TBC: The Big Cheese

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  1. Great post BHD! I hope we can look forward to more “boots of the past week” posts like this one.

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