Are Chippewa Boots Worth the Wait?

rp_Chipshine29.jpgChippewa boots, made in the USA, are good-quality boots. They make a very large number of models of boots from motorcycle, logger, packer, hiking, and work boot styles, among others.

I have always been amazed by the huge variety of boots that Chippewa offers. But that variety has its pluses and minuses — the worst of the negatives includes…

…being notified that a pair of Chippewa boots you wanted are on backorder.

Drat the luck.

BrannockDeviceWhen a typical guy goes into a shop to look at boots, he usually just sees boots that appeal to him, maybe tries them on (but usually just says to himself, “my size is 10D, so get that”), never would think of having his feet measured with a Brannock device (after all, my 10D sneakers that I’ve had since high school fit just fine), pays for them, and is out the door. Yep, most guys abhor shopping, trying things on, and spending any more time than a minute or two in a store sends chills up their spine (or more likely, yawns from their mouths.)

Chipharness02And the problem with boot stores is that they usually display only what they have in stock. So that is why you do not see that many of the most popular Chippewa boots in stores that sell boots because Chippewa boots are frequently “temporarily out of stock.”

Nowadays, though, most guys who are looking to buy boots buy them on-line. That appeals to guys who aren’t interested in going to stores, or for anyone (like me) where stores that sell boots are nowhere to be found anywhere reasonably close.

rp_Chipfire33.jpgRecently, I was contacted by three different men who had about the same question — “if you recommend Chippewa boots so much and you have so many of them in your collection, are they worth the wait?” One of them continued, “after all, I see Double H harness boots available now. They look just the same. Why should I wait (for Chippewas)?” Yeah, I hear ya. Nobody wants to wait for boots to be delivered in a few days, much less waiting for weeks or months or indefinitely.

Chipbaylogger10However, going against “typical guy impatience,” I say that yes, Chippewa boots ARE worth the wait. They are made better with quality materials and craftsmanship right here in the USA. Chippewa boots are much better than Double H, Georgia Boots, or other short-cut brands and waaaay much better than the Chinese-made knock-offs by Xelement, Harley-Davidson, Frye, and others.

If you are in the market for a good pair of work or motorcycle boots, shop around — but shop for the best price on Chippewas. If informed “out of stock” or “backorder,” then sigh but accept it. In the long run after your boots arrive, you’ll be happier with the final outcome than for settling on cheaper look-alikes that happened to be available.

Life is short: it’s worth the wait for the good stuff.

3 thoughts on “Are Chippewa Boots Worth the Wait?

  1. I’m a fan of the harness boot style over all others. But I’ve not been delighted with my past harness boots.

    Based on your recommendation I visited a local boot store and ordered my first pair of Chippewa harness boots sight unseen as they had none on display.


    14 months later I got them … worth every day of waiting. They are exceptionally comfortable and despite daily wear for months they show no signs of use.

    I’m ordering my second pair next week …

    Thanks for your guidance.

    • Wow… I can hardly believe a 14-month backorder. However, those boots are VERY popular and sell quickly. I ordered a replacement pair of the same boots when I damaged them in my motorcycle crash and was told that the backorder would be filled at the end of July. We’ll see how accurate that estimate is.

      Thank you for the statement about how my guidance has helped you. One never knows.

  2. Very worth for waiting. Until now I have 7 pairs of Chippewa (2 harness, 1 snakeboot, 4 engineer 17″), never let me down. Esp snake boot, I waited for 12 months.

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