Booted Routine

My poor ol’ spouse is having quite a time in ‘da ‘Burgh dealing with his mother. The tenor of his phone calls has been quite sad.

I sent him two care packages by overnight express. I hope, at least a little bit, he will have things he requested and a little solace.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…I returned to work in my office. While busy, I find the routine comforting. I know what I’m doing and have plenty to keep me busy and my mind temporarily off the trials that my spouse is going through, bless his soul.

There’s a new kid in the office… mid 20’s I suppose. He is eager to make his mark. He has been wearing a suit every day… three weeks now in the dead of summer. I have been gently encouraging him to relax a bit, but he wants to impress others. Spiffy shined (ugly) dress shoes, pressed slacks, shirt, tie & jacket… bleccchhhh.

He spent some time in my office today while I was explaining some procedures. He noticed that I had a picture on my desk of my boss seated behind me on my Harley when I took the boss to lunch one day last summer. The new guy asked, “do you ride a motorcycle? Is that you and (boss’ name?)”

Me: Yep to both questions.

Him: Wow, what kind of motorcycle?

Me: A Harley.

Him: Awesome! (Why is it that almost every superlative from millennials is “awesome?”)

Me: I enjoy riding it for my commute to and from work.

Him: You mean you ride it to work? Doesn’t it cause your clothes to get dirty? You wear boots to work? (with an incredulous tone)

Me: (I pulled up my pants leg a little bit and pointed to my Chippewa harness boots on my feet) Yep, every day — boots always, and the Harley when it isn’t raining. And no, my clothes don’t get dirty.

Him: (wheels turning in his head) … I’m not sure if I could do that.

Me: Do what? Ride a motorcycle to work?

Him: No … wear boots to the office.

Oh boy, I’ve got some educatin’ to do!

Life is short: wear boots to the office.