The Life I Live and Love

I have been exceptionally busy this past week at work. It is just that time of year. On top of that, I have been busy in my personal life with driving my spouse to-and-fro to seemingly unending doctor’s appointments and errands, almost nightly meetings in my community for one-thing-or-another, and another funeral to attend today for my senior pal Mary. I barely have had a time to breathe.

Then Saturday (tomorrow), I take off…
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The Circle of Life

Lately, I have been dealing with the loss of three people I have known for a long, long, time. Each of these women died within the last week. I am not bereft or wailing inconsolably; death is the end of the circle of life, and I recognize that as I get older, I will be having more experiences with this situation.

The circumstances are…
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Annual Fall Photo

There is a bush in our back yard where its foliage changes to a rainbow of colors for a week. Every year for some time now, I have asked The Spouse to pose for our annual photo standing by that bush.

Following is this year’s Annual Fall Photo with the Spouse…
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Life Is Too Short For Boring Footwear

This is a guest post written by my friend WC

Have you ever looked at a woman’s shoes? Take a look at women on the street, in the coffee shop, at the mall, at work. Go online and browse at women’s interesting shoes for a minute or two (when nobody’s looking or they will start to wonder). Notice how many different colors, shapes, styles, heel heights. Mules, pumps, tall boots, short boots, sandals. Every conceivable color. Sigh. All the choices.

Now do the same for men’s footwear….
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