Motorcycle Police Boots

Sometimes when I am looking for ideas to write about on this blog, I check a stats log that works with my website boot pages to see what questions or searches are trending. Lately, the most searches that have directed visitors to my website have been about “motorcycle police boots” or “cop boots” or “police motorcycle boots” or even “boots that CHP wears” [sic] and so forth. Literally thousands of searches every week direct visitors to this blog and my website about those boots in particular.

So what’s the story? Why so many searches on those boots?
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Daily Boot Wear and Care

As readers of this blog and visitors to my website know, I have a large and extensive collection of boots, ranging from cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, dress boots, and work boots. I only wear boots as footwear — never sneakers, sandals, dorky dress shoes, or the worst of the worst: flip-flops or crocs.

Someone wrote several comments on a recent blog post asking about daily boot wear and care. I thought I would summarize what I know from experience about wearing, caring for, and storing boots. Read on…
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Planning Bucket List Ride II

A number of things are coming together — my age and physical capabilities (sixth decade fast approaching), my motorcycle riding skill decline, a business trip to Utah, and major surgery for my spouse (when I will have to remain at home to care for him).

So… with all these things going on, and after recalling how much I thoroughly enjoyed my “Bucket List I” ride in Hawaii, I “pulled the trigger” to plan my second-of-the-year “bucket list” motorcycle ride to…
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Another Booted Week

I am really slammed at work. The boss remains out and I’m doing his job and my own, supervising and herding cats, attending meetings and giving briefings on the Hill, etc., etc. Even an Act of Congress that affects me directly got passed (quite surprisingly). I can’t really say more about why this month has been so busy, but trust me, it has!

And what’s been on my feet?
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Last of the Cold Weather Means What?

This weekend here in Maryland, we are experiencing some lower-than-average temperatures. In fact, last night we were notified about potential freezing. Not a big deal — I am not among those who rush to the garden shop and buy tender annuals just because we had a spring tease in February with a warm week.

Nonetheless, it is cold again — at least for a few days. So what does that mean?
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Road Block II

I had mentioned before that I have hit a wall on ideas for the blog and have writer’s block again. Part of the problem is my own doing. This is a very busy time of year for me in my job, and I am doing my boss’ job back at the ranch as well because the boss has been on extended official travel out of the office. That’s fine — I enjoy being busy. And I steadfastly protect my “me time” out of the office to engage in my community voluntary service, as well as to devote to my spouse and attend to his needs as well as our relationship.

With all that, it leaves little time to do research and think about fresh ideas for this blog.

Two people made some suggestions for blog ideas, which include…
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