Comfortable Boots

BootstorageJan201502For a guy who owns hundreds of pairs of boots, one would think that I would only have boots that are comfortable. Well, mostly that is true, but not for all of them.

Especially now that two things have changed with time: boots age and insoles do not get any softer, and feet age and are not as flexible and tolerant of discomfort as they are when they were young. This is especially true for guys who go from a slim/trim/athletic 120 pounds in their early 20s to … well, middle-age spread. The more weight you carry, the more uncomfortable boots will become.

So here is how this more-than-middle-aged boot wearer deals with boot comfort issues…
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Website Boot Pages With Highest Click Through Rate

I have an interesting non-invasive piece of software on all 729 of my website’s pages that gives me interesting summary information about website visits.

An intriguing detail shows the “click-through-rate” which my software defines as:

what percentage of people exposed to my website using Google for a given search actually clicked on the result for my website.

Here are the results of what types, styles, and manufacturers of boots draw the most visitors to pages on my website as a result of a google search.
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Top 10 Searches That Drive Visitors To This Blog

I have a nifty snippet of software that lets me know what drives people to this blog. Nowadays, well over 95% of visitors to this blog are coming from the top 3 search engines — Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Other search engines, not as much.

What information are the searchers looking for? The top 10 searches are all boot-related. No big surprise there. What are those searches? In reverse order, from 10 to 1, they are:
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New Frye Boots Are CRAP!

Fryecrap1I admit, I fell for some marketing from a well-regarded high-end store, Nieman Marcus. In connection with an airline frequent flier program, if I bought something from that store, I would get 10x the purchase price in frequent flier miles. So I thought, what the heck? Do they have boots? Yes! Frye Boots!

But the story gets worse…
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Most Frequently Searched Boot Brands

I was looking at my handy-dandy website statistical analyzer data the other day, and I was intrigued but not surprised that four boot brands are the most frequently searched brands that drive visitors to this blog and my website. Wanna take a guess what those top four “most searched” brands are?
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Another Man’s Opinion About Flip-Flops

I am not the only man who has a disdain for those ugly, unsightly, dorky-looking things that some men choose to wear in summer months. I can’t call them footwear. They really aren’t. They are a symbol of a very poor choice made by men who don’t know how bad they look and how bad they are for the feet. Or to quote an article in a newspaper, “flip-flops connote a sort of half-dressed slatternliness, a sense that the wearer has forgotten to do anything at all with his or her body from the ankles down.”

A visitor to this blog, Craig, wrote a comment on an old post where my foot doctor said that he strongly disapproved of flip-flops. Because that post was so old, I doubt readers would see it, so I brought the comment forward to make this mid-40s man’s words about a new passion for wearing harness boots and disdain for flip-flops and sandals more evident.

Here is what Craig said:
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