A Booted Man In A Flip-Flop World

This post is written for a long-time follower of this blog who wrote to me recently to ask about my perspective of being a man who wears boots exclusively, even during the summer when it is quite warm, and being surrounded by flip-flop wearing yuppies who know no better…

Well, let’s say, “surrounded by flip-flop wearing yuppies who wear those things.” Okay, here goes…
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Breaking News: BHD Declines to Buy Boots


23 June, 2017: Suburban Maryland, USA. Rumors began circulating last week that BHD, owner and operator of a website that displays more than 250 pairs of boots in his personal boot collection, was interested in acquiring another pair of boots.

These rumors were verified when BHD posted information about Embossy Boots on his website’s ‘boot wiki’ boot reviews.

There was nothing odd about those rumors, but what turned out to be exceptionally strange when verified through direct interview was…
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Motorcycle Shoes: Bad News

I went on a motorcycle ride early yesterday morning before the weather got real hot as forecast to be. Actually, riding at 0600 (just after dawn) with three early-bird biker buddies is fun and gets the ride in before the intense heat and humidity of the day sets in and makes riding an air-cooled heat producer — a Harley Big Twin engine — miserable.

One of my buddies showed up at our staging area wearing what he called “motorcycle shoes.” Knowing how I balk about wearing sneakers on a bike, he showed them to me and said…
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Humorous Messages from Pakistan

Having a website that displays my cowboy/motorcycle/work/dress boots and motorcycle gear collections in the United States written in American English has amusing consequences.

There are a number of people from Sialkot, Pakistan, who use search engines, find my website, and send messages to me frequently. I delete all of those messages, but find some of them quite amusing. Here is a case in point:
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Why No EuroStyle Motorcycle Boots?

I received an email from a guy in the Netherlands who asked,

I was wondering about your thoughts on modern motorcycle boots, the kind that you can buy in the motorcycle clothing stores nowadays. I’m talking about for example Dainese and Alpinestars with the ankle protection, twist/torsion protection, plastic shin shields, that sort of thing. Although they are usually synthetic and glued together, don’t you think those would offer more protection than leather stitched harness boots? If not, how so?

Okay, fair question. My reply is after the jump.
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Maxed Out on Boots

As an avid fan of boots, my collection of motorcycle boots, cowboy boots, work boots and even some dress boots has grown to about 250 pairs. Yeah, that’s a lot of boots.

Over the last several months as I see ad after ad promoting so-called “new” boots, there has not been a boot that has captured my fancy and where I say to myself, “want to get them?”

Lately… nada. Nothin’. Why?
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Daily Boot Wear and Care

As readers of this blog and visitors to my website know, I have a large and extensive collection of boots, ranging from cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, dress boots, and work boots. I only wear boots as footwear — never sneakers, sandals, dorky dress shoes, or the worst of the worst: flip-flops or crocs.

Someone wrote several comments on a recent blog post asking about daily boot wear and care. I thought I would summarize what I know from experience about wearing, caring for, and storing boots. Read on…
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