Planning Bucket List Ride II

A number of things are coming together — my age and physical capabilities (sixth decade fast approaching), my motorcycle riding skill decline, a business trip to Utah, and major surgery for my spouse (when I will have to remain at home to care for him).

So… with all these things going on, and after recalling how much I thoroughly enjoyed my “Bucket List I” ride in Hawaii, I “pulled the trigger” to plan my second-of-the-year “bucket list” motorcycle ride to…
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Winter Tease Ride and Home State Orientation

We have been enjoying an ongoing spell of warm weather that is quite unusual for this time of year in Maryland. Ambient air temperatures have reached over 70F (21C) under sunny skies.

After spending all day Saturday tending to the usual weekend chores (Shopping with the LOLITS and husbacare), I was given a day off for good behavior, leathered and booted up (in my favorite Chippewa Firefighters) mounted the Harley, and…
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Riding In The Cold

I was contacted recently by a fellow biker who moved to Maryland from Hawaii. Riding in Maryland is significantly different from Hawaii — the least of which is Hawaii’s tropical weather.

Back here in the Mid-Atlantic, I would not say that summertime riding is “tropical.” More like “seasonal” with intense heat and humidity from mid-May through the end of September. Likewise, in the shoulder riding season (mid-March to mid-May and October through mid-November), riders usually experience pleasant temperatures and lower humidity.

But between mid-November through mid-March in Maryland, we experience riding weather that…
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Afternoon Out With The Boys

Since I live with the world’s #1 recluse, I seldom interact socially. However, yesterday, several buddies saw to it that I would mount my Harley and go for a ride, even if the weather was less than cooperative.

In the morning, I got dressed in a pair of jeans and my favorite Chippewa firefighter boots and took several LOLITS grocery shopping. I assessed the conditions, and thought, “it isn’t going to dry up. My planned motorcycle ride for today won’t go.” Darn it… I was feeling as gloomy as the weather and needed a ride to clear my head.

But two cops, two firefighters, and three bikers had other ideas…
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Diversion by Bikers

For those outside the Washington DC area, it is hard to know just how much the divisiveness of U.S. politics has become such a lightning rod for anger (on both sides of politics) that it is in the ether of the local atmosphere where I live. There is no way to avoid hearing about it.

People in grocery stores or shops are abuzz. Neighbors have visitors from out of town who have come to DC to join demonstrations and marches. In fact, even in my own family, two siblings who live in distant states arrived yesterday, and they plan to participate in an enormous anti-buffoon protest scheduled today. It was all the talk at the family dinner last night, and I left it early because I had enough. Basta!

Where does that leave me — one who has gone into a self-imposed news blackout, or a “mental-health avoidance void?”

Well ==> the alternative. A couple bikers (JB, my bike cop pal, and another guy from my riding club), will “bikenap” me and take me…
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Post 2520, Holiday Break

I usually note milestones for this blog by celebrating each new 100 posts that I have made. I am a bit tardy in my recognition of the 2,500 milestone, reached with this post about the best jeans for boots on 4 November. Soon after that, this blog took a turn when I violated my own rule about not posting about politics. I still remain fearful of what will happen to my country in which I once had faith, but there is nothing I can do about it except join the good fight against what’s to come. But that is for other blogs written by friends in the political world that I will re-engage to prevent disaster (as best we can.)

Interestingly, when I went looking for my 2,400th blog post, that post was written …
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