Riding Freedom (and a Cop’s Support)

I awoke Saturday, January 20, to horrible news that befell my country at midnight Friday due to people who are supposed to represent us failing to do their jobs. I will not turn this post political, but let’s say the DIC and his cronies are being dicks and my country suffers further at the cost of $138 million/day. Also, January 20 is the one-year anniversary of the disaster whose terror has proven true rang in my memory, too.

On top of that, The Spouse has not been well and caregiving takes its toll.

Thankfully, we were blessed with…
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Christmas Surprises

Things are going “as expected” here at the mother-in-law’s dark and dreary house. When we awoke on Christmas morning, we were presented with a peaceful blanket of fresh fallen snow. This was not a surprise since the forecast five days ago was spot-on, but it was a delight to see.

After preparing breakfast for The Spouse and his Mom, I pulled on my warm, insulated, waterproof Chippewa Loggers and dispatched the snow from the walks in just a few minutes.

After I came back inside and had some hot chocolate while MIL slept through more Hallmark Christmas movies, I checked my email. I was surprised to find…
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Bears Ears and Escalante

It is hard for me to believe, but just four months ago, my buddy “S” and I were on the most crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure in Utah. Friday, 28 July, was when we rode 321 miles through the Bears Ears National Monument and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument land areas of Utah. S recently sent me a shirt (shown here) as a thank-you for our fun times. (Thank YOU, S, for going with me and your safe and sane riding!)

Back to the ride 28 July segment of our ride… we rode in a monsoon for half of it … but nonetheless, a highly…
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Riding When I Can

After full recovery to usual strength by Saturday morning, The Spouse and I got busy extra early with our usual morning activities. I was replacing a utility sink in our basement, and needed plumbing parts. Knowing the big box (agent orange) store would be slammed, we were there at 0630 to get the parts I needed before the crowds descended on the store.

We returned home, and then I prepared the usual mixed gluten-free flour waffles for The Spouse, while I…
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Langlitz Leather Weather Riding

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I got out for a ride yesterday to run the route that I will lead as the last ride as a Road Captain for my motorcycle club. I am not quitting the club or riding; I just do not have the stamina to lead rides any more. That ol’ chronic illness that I have to live with is more and more fatiguing. More on that later.

But now… the ride. A fantastic early autumn day beckoned me. It was 50F (10C) and brilliantly sunny. Dry, cool weather is perfect for…
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Planning “The Last”

A friend of my commented the other day that I have been mentioning feeling older more frequently on this blog. Yeah, that comes with having a milestone birthday in August, but nothing more than that. I have a lot of miles left on my boots, so-to-speak.

However, it is harder for me to do some things now that I used to do effortlessly. One of those things is leading a long ride for my motorcycle club.

So this weekend, I am planning my last…
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