Langlitz Leather Weather Riding

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I got out for a ride yesterday to run the route that I will lead as the last ride as a Road Captain for my motorcycle club. I am not quitting the club or riding; I just do not have the stamina to lead rides any more. That ol’ chronic illness that I have to live with is more and more fatiguing. More on that later.

But now… the ride. A fantastic early autumn day beckoned me. It was 50F (10C) and brilliantly sunny. Dry, cool weather is perfect for…
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Planning “The Last”

A friend of my commented the other day that I have been mentioning feeling older more frequently on this blog. Yeah, that comes with having a milestone birthday in August, but nothing more than that. I have a lot of miles left on my boots, so-to-speak.

However, it is harder for me to do some things now that I used to do effortlessly. One of those things is leading a long ride for my motorcycle club.

So this weekend, I am planning my last…
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Diverting Thought With Memories

I am heartbroken about recent devastation wreaked upon places where I have worked, trained, and supported on over 20 visits throughout my working career. There is little I can do at this stage of my life and work situation other than make financial donations and approve waivers of bureaucratic policies that would otherwise be enforced.

So while my heart is in the Caribbean, I am taking time out to divert my sadness with more pleasant memories. I cannot believe it was exactly eight weeks ago today that…
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Why Are Bikers Older?

Or… “why are there fewer young motorcycle riders?”

My friend WC asked me

Why are bikers an aging population, and why aren’t there more bikers on real bikes (not crotch-rockets)?

Hmmm… while I may not choose to ride a “crotch-rocket” (that is, a small motorcycle built for speed), they are motorcycles nonetheless. So to the first question…
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Booted in Breeches

While things have been busy in the BHD world, I was able to get out for an early morning ride to one of my favorite places with my favorite biker cousin last Saturday. Since my work shift was scheduled from noon to midnight, yet I was awake as usual at oh-dark-30, and The Spouse was feeling lousy so he wanted to rest, I thought…
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Another Birthday

Yep, August 16 came and went. I gave myself a present — took the day off work. At home, the spouse did his usual thing: gave me a card, a rose from our garden, a kiss and a hug, then asked “what’s for breakfast?” (He really doesn’t celebrate or care for birthdays, even “milestone” days like this day was for me.)

But before we sat down for breakfast, the doorbell rang. “Who’s that?” demanded the Spouse. Well, ’twas another surprise. Out on the lawn there rose such a clatter that…
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