Boots of the Past Week

As requested, I will (try to) resume posting a summary of the boots that I wore during the past week.

Having a large collection of cowboy, dress, motorcycle, and work boots which I wear every day, I choose from a large variety of styles, colors, and designs.

This is a short chronicle of the boots on my feet since last Friday night…
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Tall Boots for Men

I am asked from time to time what manufacturers and styles of tall boots I like to wear, and do I enjoy wearing tall boots over my pants, jeans, or breeches. This post is about my preferences for tall men’s boots, especially nowadays where my lower legs have lost muscle tone with age.

There are four basic styles of tall boots designed for men. They are…
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Stack, Roll, or Slit Jeans for Boots?

Occasionally I get questions or comments about the correct style to wear jeans with boots. Until fairly recently, if anyone looked for images on the web about how how long jeans should be to wear over boots, the images would always show jeans long enough to gently stack (or fold) on the boot tops, but not so long that the jeans drag on the floor behind the heel. (So my “Wearing Cowboy Boots” tutorial has said for as long as it has been posted on my website).

Lately as the young’uns (aka “millennial generation”) have taken to wearing fashion boots, or the young’uns being marketed to by Tecovas Boots (since the owner is a millennial himself), there have been images that…
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Boot Changes As Quickly As The Weather

Lately here in the DC ‘burbs, the weather has been highly variable. Record-breaking warmth one day, followed by snow flurries and cold rain the next day, windstorms and drizzle and sun and warmth and cold and … oh my… at least it’s not raining men. (I have the only man I need, thanks.)

Anyway, with the temperatures varying by some 50F day-to-day, and with the precipitation also changing as rapidly as the temperatures, I accommodate those weather changes by changing boots much more frequently, too.
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Tecovas Boots Review

Someone who reads this blog sent me an email to ask me if I had heard about or had an experience with Tecovas Boots. I answered, “no, I haven’t.”

Intrigued, and after viewing the company’s website, I did a little research. Soon enough, I bought myself a pair of these boots. What do I think about the company and the product?
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Boot Vendor Communicators: The Good and the Bad

These days when so many orders for new boots are placed via on-line ordering systems, it is expected that vendors will send an email to acknowledge placement of the order, provide order details, and information on when to expect delivery. That is common.

What is woefully inconsistent is how vendors communicate with purchasers after-the-sale, especially to confirm delivery.

There are some excellent vendors who communicate very well, and some really bad ones with whom I have experience. Learn more…
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Lucchese Classics Cognac: Feature Boots

I am trying a new thing for this blog: to feature one pair of boots from my collection about once each week. My stat program attached to this blog and my boots and leather website continue to show that this blog receives more visitors daily than the website does.

I am still trying to figure out why the blog visits have overtaken the website visits rather consistently now, but am thinking that my website is so “old school” and I do not know how mobile friendly it really is since I refuse to pay the ransom to have a web-enabled mobile device and have no way to check it.

This blog is on the WordPress platform, and WordPress programmers work hard to make it mobile friendly. Since now more than 85% of my web visitors are using mobile devices (rather than what I use — a traditional desktop computer), I am thinking that this blog receives more visits due to its mobile-friendly nature and that google’s algorithm for searches favors mobile-friendly websites.

So here goes … a feature about Lucchese Classics Cognac all-leather boots…
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Why You Should Wear Rubber-Soled Boots In The Rain

This is a take-off from an article about (dorky-looking clone-style) dress shoes found in the Business Insider on-line magazine. The article is titled, “Why You Should Never Wear Leather-Soled Dress Shoes In The Rain.

First of all, articles written in the negative (“never”) are opposite from what one should do, so that is why I wrote the title of this blog post the way I did: be positive, not negative.

Second, confident guys wear boots. They don’t give a flying frig about those pansy style bloggers. Dress boots look just as good (or in my opinion, better) than dorky clone (clown) dress shoes.

So here is why guys who wear dressy footwear with leather soles should wear rubber-soled boots in the rain…
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