Why You Should Wear Rubber-Soled Boots In The Rain

This is a take-off from an article about (dorky-looking clone-style) dress shoes found in the Business Insider on-line magazine. The article is titled, “Why You Should Never Wear Leather-Soled Dress Shoes In The Rain.

First of all, articles written in the negative (“never”) are opposite from what one should do, so that is why I wrote the title of this blog post the way I did: be positive, not negative.

Second, confident guys wear boots. They don’t give a flying frig about those pansy style bloggers. Dress boots look just as good (or in my opinion, better) than dorky clone (clown) dress shoes.

So here is why guys who wear dressy footwear with leather soles should wear rubber-soled boots in the rain…
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The Only Booted Man

Several years ago, I was contacted by a guy who explained that he liked to wear boots, but did not have the courage (at the time) to wear them that often. He referred to himself as “the only booted man in town” because as a resident of a U.S. state in the northeastern part of our country, he felt quite alone as he was the only man who wore boots in his geographic area.

Subsequently over time and as our friendship developed, my friend began to wear boots more often, including to his place of work, and elsewhere in his community. He has become much more confident as a “bootman” and has ditched wearing dress shoes. Good for him!

But as I look around where I live, further south but in a state that is on the U.S. East Coast, I realize that I should not have…
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Ostrich Boot Care

I received a question from a loyal blog reader who asked,

I recently purchased my first pair of full quill ostrich boots and have a question about caring for them. Do I need to worry about damaging the raised follicles when rubbing in conditioner or buffing polish? Some of them have a bit of ‘fray’ at the crown of the bump that moves back and forth as I rub them. Is some dulling of the follicles on ostrich leather normal with wear?

Ah, yes, how does one care for ostrich skin cowboy boots?
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Boot Influencing

CowboyheelThis is another blog post inspired by my reader from Belgium who asked,

I was wondering If you have encountered more people who got motivated by you or your blog to wear their boots more open, maybe with the pants tucked inside? In addition to this, I was wondering if your wearing of boots has convinced people in your family or friends or neighbors to also start wearing boots? I remember an old blog text about a young family-menber of yours who was going to high school or college and came to you for advice on which boots to buy?

I have to say in response and full candor that…
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Who Can Wear Boots? Men or Women?

Lucphython01My next suggestion from my friend in Belgium for this blog is the age-old question, “did women take over wearing boots from men?” or related, “why don’t men wear boots any more?”

I answered the second question thoroughly in my March 2, 2016 blog post titled, Why Don’t Men Wear Boots Any More?

My friend said,

I sometimes read comments of guys complaining that women are more accepted to wearing boots. They seem jealous and even claim that women stole the wearing of boots from men.

I have a few additional thoughts, especially in these days where sexism in the United States has been empowered and emboldened by the buffoon who will become U.S. President…
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Thoughts of Going Into the Boot Business

BootstorageJan201501My friend from Belgium sent me some more ideas for this blog, and I appreciate it. One of his recent suggestions was:

With such a vivid passion for boots: have you never thought of turning it into your profession? Like starting a business as a boot retailer or even starting a new brand of boots?

I appreciate the thought. My reply is after the jump…
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Breaking In Tall Boots

Copsnewdehners1A reader wrote to me recently to ask for a link to a video that I produced a long time ago, but remains “evergreen” in its instructions. The video was titled, “Training the Ankles of New Dehner Patrol Boots,” and is applicable to breaking in any pair of boots that have a stiff backstay (a strip of leather that runs up and down the back of the inside of the boot lining to stiffen and support the boot and hold up the top).

The blog post about how to break in tall boots and “train the ankles” was last written in July, 2009. I appreciate my reader’s request for that information again and I will repeat it here, with a few updates.

So, just how should you break in a new pair of tall boots?
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