Don’t Live Regrets: Make It Happen (Part 9)

This post summarizes my job transitions from 2004 ’til now. A future post will summarize the rest of my life, marriage, and future outlook, then I’ll be done mesmerizing you with my boring lil’ ol’ life story.

When I left off in Part 7, I had resigned from a job I thought would be the last of my working career when a massive reorganization and appointment of an incompetent boss became more than I was willing to suck up and try again to “make it happen.”

Yep, here and now, I admit that there are times in one’s life when your experience and intuition tells you…
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Don’t Live Regrets: Make It Happen (Part 8)

I call this blog post my “caregiving thread.” I have learned over time that caregiving is internal to my very nature. I don’t know quite how or why, but I have a natural intuitive caregiving gift, so family and friends have observed and told me. This inner caregiving drive and intuition is also something that my twin brother knew about me before I did.

Since my college days, I have been doing one form or another of caregiving for: a) people who experienced tragedies by volunteering with a recognized voluntary organization; b) through active service with a local fire department and rescue squad; c) by helping a cadre of senior pals with home repairs and grocery shopping; and d) through direct caregiving for an uncle, an aunt, my spouse, and now my mother-in-law.

The art of caregiving is something I do… and that makes me, “me.”
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Don’t Live Regrets: Make It Happen (Part 5)

As I continue to relate my life story of my younger years, I wonder how I did it all. I am grateful for youthful energy.

Fast forward five years… I am in a stable full-time job, I just earned my Master’s Degree, my fixer-upper house has been fully renovated, I’m riding my third motorcycle, I have about 30 pairs of boots (10 of those pairs are Fryes), enjoying wearing leather (allegedly for motorcycle riding), and I’m dating. Well, sorta.
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