Spouse: Found

SunnyspouseThe relapse of the infection that my spouse has been fighting this week has produced highly variable symptoms, including vertigo, nausea, brain fog, and aphasia (unable to express words, though he knows them.)

Because of the room-spinning dizziness, he could not keep solid foods on his tummy. The brain fog — a cloud of non-comprehension — caused him to not be “in the present.” He could function physically, but not mentally. The combination of these symptoms is frightening.

I posted yesterday that my spouse was missing. Last night, however…
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Sunflower06blogHas anyone seen my spouse? He is the good-looking hunk who hangs around our house. He is the one who tends to our gardens, does all our laundry, and cuts coupons to match them with sales that we frequently save 40% or more on our weekly groceries.

He is the one who puts up with a lot of crazy things I do, from entertaining hundreds of seniors on Thanksgiving each year to spending a lot of time caring for others, remodeling homes, and being a wonky community activist.

My spouse is the guy who…
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ARRRGGH! Relapse!

Blogpost2I am very unhappy. My beloved spouse who had dealt with a horrible long-term illness that put him through three YEARS of hell has had a relapse. (I wrote about our ordeal in many posts on this blog, tagged here.)

My spouse has been in remission from symptoms for 21 months, but for about the last week…
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Sunny Spouses

SunflowerMy spouse and I do not get out much. He is usually in so much pain from damage caused to his joints from his three-year hell of illness and fatigued by the lingering sleep disorder that the illness left behind, he does not want to, or have the energy to, do anything. Anywhere. At any time.

So imagine my delight when we had one of those rare happy and joyful moments for an outing. Last Saturday, my spouse and I got into my truck and we drove…
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My spouse is such a trooper. He has been struggling with the long-term damage to his joints as a result of the toxic effects of a tick-borne infection that lasted more than three years.

The spouse has been in remission — that is, without symptoms — of the illness for more than a year now. But is he bug-free?
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Don’t Live Regrets: Make It Happen (Part 8)

I call this blog post my “caregiving thread.” I have learned over time that caregiving is internal to my very nature. I don’t know quite how or why, but I have a natural intuitive caregiving gift, so family and friends have observed and told me. This inner caregiving drive and intuition is also something that my twin brother knew about me before I did.

Since my college days, I have been doing one form or another of caregiving for: a) people who experienced tragedies by volunteering with a recognized voluntary organization; b) through active service with a local fire department and rescue squad; c) by helping a cadre of senior pals with home repairs and grocery shopping; and d) through direct caregiving for an uncle, an aunt, my spouse, and now my mother-in-law.

The art of caregiving is something I do… and that makes me, “me.”
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Six Month Milestone

It has been an incredible and rough three-year journey for my spouse as he has dealt with three simultaneous infections born by a tick bite. Months and months of agony, being seen by more than 50 medical professionals, being prescribed more than 160 different drugs, and ongoing fights with a narrow-minded “big pharma”-funded group who deny that his condition could ever exist. Yet with persistent care from a superb general practitioner has brought us to a point that…
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