Another Birthday

Yep, August 16 came and went. I gave myself a present — took the day off work. At home, the spouse did his usual thing: gave me a card, a rose from our garden, a kiss and a hug, then asked “what’s for breakfast?” (He really doesn’t celebrate or care for birthdays, even “milestone” days like this day was for me.)

But before we sat down for breakfast, the doorbell rang. “Who’s that?” demanded the Spouse. Well, ’twas another surprise. Out on the lawn there rose such a clatter that…
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Contributing To My Community and My Country

There has been much in the news about how the United States has fallen into exceptionally low regard on the international stage due to the damage from 45’s failures to act responsibly, pulling out of the Paris climate accord, bullying and nasty reputation, as well as the loons with which he has surrounded himself.

The crap going on as a result is a direct conflict and assault to my beliefs and patriotism.

I grew up to be a patriotic citizen and truly believe in the founding principles of what my country was founded on, and the words inscribed…
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That Guy In The Boots

Last night, I attended yet another wonky civic meeting at the request of some neighbors who were struggling with powerful attorneys representing a major developer. This happens all the time, and is a classic David-vs-Goliath situation. As I was listening to those giving testimony, I was struck by…
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Firefighters & Pride

Some people who do not really know me may have been confused by yesterday’s post on this blog which may seem to indicate that I don’t care about Gay Pride or choose to recognize the struggles that led to the rights earned by gay people and ongoing challenges facing us.

While marching, parading, and celebrating is all well and good — albeit the weather very hot and humid — Spouse and I choose to do our own special form of recognition.

Yesterday while people were on Washington’s Front Lawn (the Mall) participating in the Equality March for Unity and Pride in exceptionally hot weather, Spouse and I went another direction…
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Challenging a Hypocrite (and Winning)

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my 89 year-old mother-in-law lives by herself in a run-down socially and economically-challenged suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is the last remaining original homeowner on her block since homes were built on that block in 1948. She has seen a lot of turnover and changes, and does not like it, but has to live with it if indeed she intends to remain in her home for the remainder of her life.

And now there is a thrice-divorced man who lives in the house next to her who has done things to make her life miserable, because…
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