The Life I Live and Love

I have been exceptionally busy this past week at work. It is just that time of year. On top of that, I have been busy in my personal life with driving my spouse to-and-fro to seemingly unending doctor’s appointments and errands, almost nightly meetings in my community for one-thing-or-another, and another funeral to attend today for my senior pal Mary. I barely have had a time to breathe.

Then Saturday (tomorrow), I take off…
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The Circle of Life

Lately, I have been dealing with the loss of three people I have known for a long, long, time. Each of these women died within the last week. I am not bereft or wailing inconsolably; death is the end of the circle of life, and I recognize that as I get older, I will be having more experiences with this situation.

The circumstances are…
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Staycation–Just Shoot Me

Because I served as “acting boss” all summer, I did not use any accrued leave benefits. So I decided to take a week off this week as a “staycation”. That is a made-up word for taking time off while staying at home and using “vacation” time. Thus: “stay” + va-“cation”.

However, this Staycation is not a time when I am out riding the Harley or otherwise…
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There’s That Guy in the Boots Again

Last night I attended a community meeting of a local body-politic on which I once served a four-year term as Chairman. This board deals with planning, zoning, and development in the county of my birth and where I have made my home for some six decades. Once again, the wingtip dorky dress-shoed and suited attorneys hired by one of the largest developers were at it again, …
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