A Retro Image to Shoot For

Whilst taking a trip down memory lane with The Spouse, we were looking at a photo album that I put together of our first of six trips to Australia. That trip was in February-March, 1996. Man, images of us as a couple of leatherdudes at the Sydney Mardi Gras brought back a lot of memories. But what was more interesting and inspiring to me was…
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I Am Now The Only One

When my friend WC announced that he crossed over to the dark side and got a sillyphone recently, I began asking myself again, “are you still the only person on the planet without one of those things?”

I observed people at airports, at my meetings, and in restaurants last week and am convinced that…
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Busy Boots

Loyal readers, I am busier than ever; three meetings each night after work this week (all attended in leather jeans by-the-way), as well as reaching a “zenith of busy” at work. January is a busy-busy month. I cannot say exactly why, but trust me, I barely have time to change boots. It’s so busy-bad that my boots…
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At the start of a new year, one hears a lot about making New Years Resolutions. I do not give credence to making statements on future goals and self-promises that frequently do not get fulfilled.

However, I have faithful and steady self-promises that I will continue to do, “resolutions” notwithstanding….
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2017 In Review (Part 2)

The second half of 2017 was far better for me than the first half. It began with the most adventuresome and fun motorcycle ride I have ever done in my life. I called it my “Crazy Awesome Motorcycle Adventure.” But there were other highlights, as well as lowlights during the second half of the year. Read on for the recap…
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Gifts of My Life

Christmas is a time when children look for Santa Claus to bring them gifts of toys and bicycles and techie stuff.

Adults get into it, too. With all the commercials on television with yuppies giving themselves Lexi (that is the plural of Lexus, right?), Mercedes(es), or whatever the pricey ride du jour may be, my spouse and I look at each other and …
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