100 Years

It is hard for me to believe, but 100 years ago in a rural area of the Choctaw Nation within the borders of a state that just earned statehood ten years previously, a baby girl was born. That infant grew to become the most profound influence on my life. Well, after all…
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Dinner for 100?

Readers of this blog know that I have a very large family. In honor of our parents and a long tradition, our family — siblings, their spouses, children, and children’s children — who live in the general geographic area where I live get together every Friday evening for dinner.

With busy schedules, vacation and other travel, occasional time conflicts, the usual number of people who gather for our Friday meal comes to an average of about 35, which is about 1/3 of the “local fam.” But last night…
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Being Prepared for Life’s Curveballs

Life has a funny way of taking unexpected turns, be they with health, finances, or relationships. Preparing for “life happens” (or sometimes euphemistically phrased “shit happens”) changes is not something most people do on a day-to-day basis. However, having back-ups and some flexibility can help roll with the changes that life brings along. My life is a good example.
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West Coast Diversion

Friday morning I got the news that a cousin who is as close to me as a brother was dying. This was quite unexpected. I had spoken with this cousin just a few weeks ago and all was normal.

However, just nine days ago, he was diagnosed with…
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rp_Dad.jpgToday, March 4, is my father’s birthday. He was born 105 years ago. I only knew him for 12 years of my life, but with all the stories from family and interactions with his colleagues where he worked, I feel as if I know him more than my childhood recollections.

My Dad was an incredible person and contributed a lasting legacy that everyone in modern-day Europe is benefiting from. Yep, my Dad was…
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