West Coast Diversion

Friday morning I got the news that a cousin who is as close to me as a brother was dying. This was quite unexpected. I had spoken with this cousin just a few weeks ago and all was normal.

However, just nine days ago, he was diagnosed with…
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rp_Dad.jpgToday, March 4, is my father’s birthday. He was born 105 years ago. I only knew him for 12 years of my life, but with all the stories from family and interactions with his colleagues where he worked, I feel as if I know him more than my childhood recollections.

My Dad was an incredible person and contributed a lasting legacy that everyone in modern-day Europe is benefiting from. Yep, my Dad was…
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Don’t Live Regrets: Make It Happen (Part 8)

I call this blog post my “caregiving thread.” I have learned over time that caregiving is internal to my very nature. I don’t know quite how or why, but I have a natural intuitive caregiving gift, so family and friends have observed and told me. This inner caregiving drive and intuition is also something that my twin brother knew about me before I did.

Since my college days, I have been doing one form or another of caregiving for: a) people who experienced tragedies by volunteering with a recognized voluntary organization; b) through active service with a local fire department and rescue squad; c) by helping a cadre of senior pals with home repairs and grocery shopping; and d) through direct caregiving for an uncle, an aunt, my spouse, and now my mother-in-law.

The art of caregiving is something I do… and that makes me, “me.”
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Success With Back-to-School Boots

As readers of this blog know, I advocate that guys wear boots. Readers also know that I am from a huge family. I have not one, but three great nephews who are entering high school this year.

A week ago at a family reunion for the marriage of my kid-bro cousin, I struck up a conversation with my great nephews about their thoughts of entering high school this year. One of them said something like, “I wish I could be cool — like the biker you are, Uncle.”

Well, that was nice. So I asked,
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