Boots of the Past Week

As requested, I will (try to) resume posting a summary of the boots that I wore during the past week.

Having a large collection of cowboy, dress, motorcycle, and work boots which I wear every day, I choose from a large variety of styles, colors, and designs.

This is a short chronicle of the boots on my feet since last Friday night…
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Boot Changes As Quickly As The Weather

Lately here in the DC ‘burbs, the weather has been highly variable. Record-breaking warmth one day, followed by snow flurries and cold rain the next day, windstorms and drizzle and sun and warmth and cold and … oh my… at least it’s not raining men. (I have the only man I need, thanks.)

Anyway, with the temperatures varying by some 50F day-to-day, and with the precipitation also changing as rapidly as the temperatures, I accommodate those weather changes by changing boots much more frequently, too.
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I Am Not As Perfect As You Are

Yesterday in a meeting at work, a junior staffer found two things that I said that were slightly wrong (or could have been said more precisely), and he wasted no time to jump in and correct me. Publicly. Loudly. Whiney-ly. Unprofessionally. With several people senior to me in the room.

The first time he did that, I just said, “oh well, you all know that’s what I meant,” and moved on. But the second time he did that, as I do not have a poker face, my face got red and I got hot. I said…
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Back From Travel

I had an intense week of business travel in a city on the West Coast of the United States all last week, Sunday through Saturday. I facilitated, led, and managed 10 meetings held back-to-back-to-back and a few concurrently. Cat herding is my specialty.

My return flights, including a connection, were uneventful and on-time. Amazing these days.

Today, my boots and I…
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Thoughts of Going Into the Boot Business

BootstorageJan201501My friend from Belgium sent me some more ideas for this blog, and I appreciate it. One of his recent suggestions was:

With such a vivid passion for boots: have you never thought of turning it into your profession? Like starting a business as a boot retailer or even starting a new brand of boots?

I appreciate the thought. My reply is after the jump…
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I am usually a “get it done” kinda guy because I have an ability to apply a laser-like focus to work and tasks I set out to do. Having that type of focus has not been innate; I had to learn how to avoid distractions that would divert attention and keep me from completing even the most simple tasks.

I cannot say that as a child that I had ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), but I know that I was scatter-brained. I would flit from one thing to another, and my Mom would…
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