Boots On The Ground

I have always had a sly smile when I hear people say, “we have boots on the ground,” or “we need more boots on the ground.” Those references have been mostly about deployments of active duty military men and women, but the expression has extended nowadays to refer to any type of event or activity where additional trained personnel are needed.

After one long weekend off duty to drive that long slog of a roundtrip drive to Pittsburgh to work 16-hour days with home repairs and landscaping requirements for the mother-in-law, I have returned to my home base where…
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Are Those Boots?

Short post, but I thought I would share a funny.

Yesterday at the morning briefing of TBC*, another senior official at the briefing looked at me and did the “boot bounce.” That is, he was looking at how I was dressed in khakis, dress shirt, tie, and cowboy boots. I was wearing…
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Update on the Motorcycle Commute

Regular readers of this blog are aware that I had a crash last May whilst commuting on my Harley to work. I had become accustomed to arriving at my office by 0530, sometimes earlier. And my commute to work was almost always in the dark. That was among the reasons of the cause of my crash — cage drivers can’t see motorcycles in broad daylight, so why would I expect a cage driver to see me in the dark? (Even though my bike is extremely well-lit!)

My Spouse asked me …
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