Aloha, Headin’ Home

It has been a great week of very productive meetings. And that is all I did… work work work. No surfing, swimming, or other outdoor sporting activities. But that’s me — I work for work.

I can’t wait until I arrive home to squeeze…
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Back From Travel

I had an intense week of business travel in a city on the West Coast of the United States all last week, Sunday through Saturday. I facilitated, led, and managed 10 meetings held back-to-back-to-back and a few concurrently. Cat herding is my specialty.

My return flights, including a connection, were uneventful and on-time. Amazing these days.

Today, my boots and I…
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Downer Encounter, Sign of the Times

Friday morning very early, the Spouse and I were on the road on our way to Pittsburgh to visit the mother-in-law.

It was cold, so I was wearing leather jeans over black harness boots and my Langlitz Crescent leather jacket. Typical cold-weather attire for me.

After a quick stop-off at the dump (aka “transfer station”) to get rid of garbage from the Feastival, an hour later, we found ourselves on the Pennsylvania Turnpike headed West. We were making great time–it was only 0800.

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Boots on the Road Again

I most sincerely appreciate my twin brother’s “hijack” of my blog and his heartfelt greetings. I really wish I could have been at his villa in Rome to share our birthday, but that trip was not to be this year.

I had a very quiet and subdued birthday at home with my spouse. We did not go anywhere or do anything special. He is still not feeling well and we just enjoyed each other’s company while I (tried) to avoid working.

However, that afternoon…
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