What To Expect When Visiting a Leather Bar

I received an email asking me questions about leather bar attendance and attire:

what would be the best leather outfit to wear in a leather bar as a first timer? And what should I expect to happen once I make an appearance at an all-men leather bar? What goes from there?

I thought I had blogged about these questions before, but in searching this blog, I discovered that I have not.

Let me remedy that right away. I will write from the perspective of a gay man in the United States. I have not visited leather-oriented establishments in Europe.

But now Leather Up and get ready…
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Heavy Leather, Part II

I wrote in my most recent blog post that I ordered “the ultimate” in premium leather gear from Langlitz Leathers of Portland, Oregon. The gear was delivered last Friday. The box as stated in the shipping information weighed 20lbs (9kg). The goods were a pair of competition leather breeches and a padded pocket Columbia jacket.

The majority of the package’s weight was the jacket. Man, it is really heavy! The scale tipped 15lbs (6.8kg) just for the jacket itself! But it is terrific. Warm, exceptionally well-constructed, and…
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Heavy Leather Weekend

I had a real heavy leather weekend since Friday afternoon, through Sunday evening. Spouse was aghast when he received a 20-pound box from the man in brown on Friday, and watched me tear it open as soon as I got home from work.

Coincidence that my own personal “heavy leather weekend” coincided with Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend in DC?

So pray tell, spill the beans… precisely what composed this “heavy leather weekend?”
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Amused While in Full Leather

fall2016bThe weather where I live has been changing rapidly. Friday and Saturday morning, it was unusually warm (70F, 21C). I wore denim jeans with Lucchese hornback caiman cowboy boots to work on Friday, as well as to a doctor’s office when I drove my spouse for yet another work-up. (The young doc admired the boots.)

Saturday morning, Timberlands were on my feet when I took care of the remnants of the leaves and mowed the lawn one last time — and took the photo shown here of me and Spouse.

But what most amusing is after lunch on Saturday, as the temperatures were dropping in advance of a strong cold front, I geared up in full leather from Muir Cap to leather shirt, leather jeans, tall Dehner boots, and also my Langlitz Crescent Jacket and…
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Men And Leather

blufformal09I received an email the other day from someone who asked,

I am straight. I love leather. I have several leathers including two uniform shirts. Does this mean I am gay just because I like wearing BLUF gear and have a BLUF account?”

Good question. I discussed this with my spouse before replying. Here are some thoughts…
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Leather and Boot Videos

VideolacebootsMostly between 2007 and 2011, I made a number of videos and posted them here on YouTube. The videos were, at first, displays of my boots, and then I produced several tutorials (lacing firefighter boots or breaking in Dehner boots, for example), or reviews about boots (boots for bikers, boots on a budget, etc.)

Some people have asked me, “why have you stopped making videos?” Answers…
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Best Geared Biker

Revit13My motorcycle club leader is trying new ways to get members to attend regular monthly meetings. Last month, she organized having a technician from the local Harley dealership show us how to check and maintain engine oil. That was a great thing for all of us to learn and employ as we ride our Harleys.

For the most recent meeting, the subject of a meeting reminder email was “Leather and Lace.” In it, she said,
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My Leather Lifestyle

rp_Grillin.jpgI received an email recently from someone who said that he had reviewed the various leather gear on my website and said that he wanted to adopt a regular habit of wearing leather more often. He asked me some more questions about how to go about wearing leather without unnecessarily causing anxiety among his family and friends.

I responded to him to state how I feel these days about leather, so I thought I would update my readers about my current choices on wearing leather garments.

First, a bit of place-setting…
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