Langlitz Leather Weather Riding

As mentioned in my previous blog post, I got out for a ride yesterday to run the route that I will lead as the last ride as a Road Captain for my motorcycle club. I am not quitting the club or riding; I just do not have the stamina to lead rides any more. That ol’ chronic illness that I have to live with is more and more fatiguing. More on that later.

But now… the ride. A fantastic early autumn day beckoned me. It was 50F (10C) and brilliantly sunny. Dry, cool weather is perfect for…
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Protective Motorcycle Gear

I participated in a focus group the other night about the kinds of motorcycle gear worn these days. It was interesting to see what non-biker researchers wanted to know. I cannot reveal information about what we discussed, but generally what I heard is consistent with what I see among my fellow biker friends who are not “hot dogs” and are generally safe, sane, and experienced riders.

I mentioned my participation in this group to my friend WC who asked…
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Storing Leather Gear During Summer

Now that warmer weather is upon us here in North America, the leather jackets, chaps, jeans, and breeches are not part of my regular wearing apparel, either on my Harley or around the ‘hood as I go about daily business. Sure, we may get a damp and cool day now-and-then, but for the most part in late Spring, Summer, and early Autumn where temperatures routinely hit the 90s (32C) and humidity almost matches, it’s time for the leather to be given a break.

How do I store leather for a long-term of non-use?
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Leather Alterations

Readers of this blog know that I advocate wearing leather gear more regularly than only to certain events, parties, or once-a-year gatherings of The Great Leather Clan (e.g., MAL, IML, CLAW, etc. — and if you don’t know what these letters refer to, don’t worry about it.) I ought to, with all the leather gear I own.

Leather gear is an investment. Good quality gear — leather shirts, breeches, pants, vests, chaps — is not cheap. So what happens as a guy ages and his gear does not match his once-trim and slim waistline, and the circumferences of his thighs, tummy, chest, and arms?
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Heavy Leather, Part II

I wrote in my most recent blog post that I ordered “the ultimate” in premium leather gear from Langlitz Leathers of Portland, Oregon. The gear was delivered last Friday. The box as stated in the shipping information weighed 20lbs (9kg). The goods were a pair of competition leather breeches and a padded pocket Columbia jacket.

The majority of the package’s weight was the jacket. Man, it is really heavy! The scale tipped 15lbs (6.8kg) just for the jacket itself! But it is terrific. Warm, exceptionally well-constructed, and…
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Post 2520, Holiday Break

I usually note milestones for this blog by celebrating each new 100 posts that I have made. I am a bit tardy in my recognition of the 2,500 milestone, reached with this post about the best jeans for boots on 4 November. Soon after that, this blog took a turn when I violated my own rule about not posting about politics. I still remain fearful of what will happen to my country in which I once had faith, but there is nothing I can do about it except join the good fight against what’s to come. But that is for other blogs written by friends in the political world that I will re-engage to prevent disaster (as best we can.)

Interestingly, when I went looking for my 2,400th blog post, that post was written …
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Denim Jeans for Bikers

rideelsonMost bikers I ride with wear regular denim jeans. Levis still tend to be the #1 choice, even though Wranglers are better for motorcyclists because the rolled leg seam on Wranglers is on the outside while the rolled seam of Levis are on the inside, making the jeans a bit more uncomfortable to wear while mounted on an iron horse.

However, being an affirmed ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) advocate, I know that regular denim jeans can tear in a crash, providing little protection from horrible and debilitating road rash.

However, I have found the solution for bikers who want to wear jeans and also want protection. The solution is…
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Leather in Different Colors

bluenbshirt01I received an email from someone in Greece who asks,

I adore so much your BLUF multiple colorful fetish uniforms gear, but the BLUF site doesn’t have a leather color chart. Even your website does not mention anything about choosing colors. So if someone wants to order a full leather uniform or a combination of different colors how are you informed?

I assume a little was lost in translation, but I think he is asking for guidance on choosing colors of leather in the leather fetish community, and if there are “community rules” for leather colors.

I can understand why he is asking because…
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Leather Curious?

Leatherdude1I received an email the other day after a young man found my Guide to Leather Gear on my website. He said:

Hi just wanted to say thanks for your plain speaking straight up advice on leather gear and the leatherman community. As a newbie who has admired from the side but wasn’t sure what was important and what not your advice was real helpful.

Thanks, man. Glad my experience and straightfoward approach was helpful to you.

As the summer heat dissipates and leather weather returns, I am revisiting my advice on “leather for the newly curious”. Read on.
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