Blog Overtakes the Website

Dear followers of BHD’s Musings,

I sincerely appreciate your checking in for whatever I may choose to post on my blog. Interestingly, the traffic of visitors to this blog has now consistently surpassed the traffic of visitors to my boots & gear website. For the past several months, the average daily unique visitors to this blog now exceed the average daily visitors to my website by a statistically significant margin.

Why is this happening?
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Road Block II

I had mentioned before that I have hit a wall on ideas for the blog and have writer’s block again. Part of the problem is my own doing. This is a very busy time of year for me in my job, and I am doing my boss’ job back at the ranch as well because the boss has been on extended official travel out of the office. That’s fine — I enjoy being busy. And I steadfastly protect my “me time” out of the office to engage in my community voluntary service, as well as to devote to my spouse and attend to his needs as well as our relationship.

With all that, it leaves little time to do research and think about fresh ideas for this blog.

Two people made some suggestions for blog ideas, which include…
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Or shall I say, “writer’s block” again. Sigh…

There is a lot of information on this blog about men’s boots, wearing them, their varieties and composition, how worn, and overcoming fears about wearing boots and/or leather garments that I…
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Post 2544, Continuing

So this is post 2,544 for this blog… not bad considering that according to a study of blogs by a leading social media research firm that most people who write blogs do so for an average of 15 months and post an average of 50 posts before they lose interest. Tell ya’ the honest truth, it is hard to keep a blog going.

Apologies… my post-counter got wacko for a bit, and at first when I wrote this post I thought the counter said that this was post 1,800. But then I refreshed the counter and found that this is actually post 2,544. Rather than delete what I wrote, I kept it as if this were another 100 milestone. Read on.

100 blog posts ago was…
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2016: A Year To Forget

I am returning to blogging after taking a long break for Christmas. I had nothing to write about, and we muddled through the holiday with the mother-in-law in her dark, depressing house in the run-down borough adjacent to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What we just endured for Christmas culminated how I felt about the year 2016 — a year I would rather forget. But I worry that 2017 will be far worse. (However, remaining consistent with my self-promise, I will not post anything about politics on this blog any more.)

So for 2016, this was my life in boots, leather, and life….
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Post 2520, Holiday Break

I usually note milestones for this blog by celebrating each new 100 posts that I have made. I am a bit tardy in my recognition of the 2,500 milestone, reached with this post about the best jeans for boots on 4 November. Soon after that, this blog took a turn when I violated my own rule about not posting about politics. I still remain fearful of what will happen to my country in which I once had faith, but there is nothing I can do about it except join the good fight against what’s to come. But that is for other blogs written by friends in the political world that I will re-engage to prevent disaster (as best we can.)

Interestingly, when I went looking for my 2,400th blog post, that post was written …
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Boot Influencing

CowboyheelThis is another blog post inspired by my reader from Belgium who asked,

I was wondering If you have encountered more people who got motivated by you or your blog to wear their boots more open, maybe with the pants tucked inside? In addition to this, I was wondering if your wearing of boots has convinced people in your family or friends or neighbors to also start wearing boots? I remember an old blog text about a young family-menber of yours who was going to high school or college and came to you for advice on which boots to buy?

I have to say in response and full candor that…
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