I am back to my 2016 bah-humbug self. The shot of Christmas Spirit from visiting with my friends last Saturday night and going Christmas caroling for the 44th year in a row has withered.

Some readers are not aware that I live in the news market for Washington, DC. As such, national news is local news. I’m surrounded all the time with “news” about the incoming tragedy to be effective January 20, 2017.

This “news” is unavoidable in my area. It’s in the ozone and the air (which for now is breathable, but not for long once the destructionists and deniers become federal government agency heads). It evokes great sadness…
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20 Questions: I Guess I’m Not That Gay

I stumbled upon an interview in the local DC gay newspaper with a guy who married a local TV news guy. He was asked a set of questions that, to me, were focused on his sexual orientation and his answers portrayed him to fulfill all of the stereotypes that gay men have been saddled with. Uggghhh…. So here goes — my answers to the same questions.

1. How long have you been out and who was the hardest person to tell?
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Wear Cowboy Boots to the Office in DC?

Lucblackgoat03My website’s cowboy boots collection and this blog receive a lot of visitors from men who are curious about whether or not it is acceptable to wear cowboy boots with a suit or dress clothing to a professional office, especially in stodgy, drab, dull, fashionless and conservatively dressed Washington, DC.

Recently, I received another email from a DC-based office professional who went on a business trip to Texas and bought himself a pair of nice boots, then began to question his decision after his girlfriend made some comments after he returned home with them. The email said:
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Foggy DC Marvel

I continue to remind myself that I live in one of the most picturesque areas of the world when it comes to memorials, architecture, and traditional beauty.

Yes, it’s that time of year again when the cherry trees are in bloom around the Tidal Basin of Washington DC, and environs.

Yesterday, my boss and a work colleague took some time to take a stroll around the Tidal Basin. While the weather was damp, foggy, and cool, the stunning beauty of the cherry trees still shone through. Following are a few examples…
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Suited and Booted

I mentioned in a previous post that my boss and I had a “big deal” briefing to give in downtown Washington, DC, recently. We were presenting to very high-ranking public officials. I am deliberately not saying who we saw or what we were presenting about because internet search engines might pick up on that and drive visitors to this blog, which is not about those issues.

Anyway, it was a unique “Washington-only” opportunity. It required dressing up. Suit, tie, and shiny boots. However, that morning, I rode my Harley to the office. I have frequently blogged about not wearing smooth-soled dress cowboy boots while operating a motorcycle. So how was I dressed and what boots did I wear?
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Happy Birthday to My Spouse

Today is my spouse’s birthday. Since I have to work today, we celebrated yesterday instead, since it was a U.S. Federal Holiday and I had the day off.

It was nice to give him a “birthday for husband” card this year 🙂

My spouse did not want presents, but I was able to arrange quite a surprise, available only in DC….
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Moving Moments

Most of my legion of senior pals are women who have outlived their husbands and rely on me to do some home repairs and take them grocery shopping.

Some of the spouses of my senior pals are alive, and they also appreciate that I take their wives shopping because they hate it. To me, it’s just fun — I must be a glutton for … cookies and smiles. 🙂

Anyway, one of my senior pals is married to a man who served in World War II. When I visit this man and his wife, I ask about what he did and what he thought about when he served in the U.S. Army. I learned a lot of history that way.

Yesterday, I planned a special excursion for my friend.
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