Coming Out By Another Ordinary Guy Who Rides

LanglitzmeonbikeI have written on this blog fairly often that I feel that I am just a regular guy, a motorcycle rider, one who chooses to wear leather garments regularly (rather than just as a costume or once-a-year events), and a guy who happens to be gay.

I received an email from a reader, a fellow biker, and who recently came out. He explained his feelings to me. With his permission, here is what he said–
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Walking Out Hand-In-Hand

On Christmas Day, my twin brother and his wife wanted to attend Catholic mass. We selected the parish church in the neighborhood where we both grew up. I was pleased that my spouse, also Catholic, decided to join us.

My mother-in-law was not feeling strong enough to go out, but she assured us that she would be fine at home alone for a couple hours while we were gone.

We arrived…
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20 Questions: I Guess I’m Not That Gay

I stumbled upon an interview in the local DC gay newspaper with a guy who married a local TV news guy. He was asked a set of questions that, to me, were focused on his sexual orientation and his answers portrayed him to fulfill all of the stereotypes that gay men have been saddled with. Uggghhh…. So here goes — my answers to the same questions.

1. How long have you been out and who was the hardest person to tell?
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You’re One of “Them?”

The other night, I attended a meeting in my community of a group that I once served as the elected leader. Three terms of office later, I am pleased that the current Board and leadership are doing a good job carrying on my legacy. The group deals with matters related to planning, zoning, and transportation for an area of roughly 80 square miles in the heart of the sprawling suburban county where I grew up and have lived my entire life.

I greeted dozens of people in the room who I have known for a long time — neighbors, friends, colleagues in public advocacy. While we were waiting for the meeting to begin, I took a seat next to someone I had not met before. He was about my age. I introduced myself and he shook my hand and introduced himself to me. A new resident of the area — concerned with construction of a small housing development near him.

He began to chit-chat with me by discussing the news of the day, including (for whatever reason), that the U.S. Supreme Court is due to announce a decision on same-sex marriage once again. I just let him ramble, until…
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