Firefighters & Pride

Some people who do not really know me may have been confused by yesterday’s post on this blog which may seem to indicate that I don’t care about Gay Pride or choose to recognize the struggles that led to the rights earned by gay people and ongoing challenges facing us.

While marching, parading, and celebrating is all well and good — albeit the weather very hot and humid — Spouse and I choose to do our own special form of recognition.

Yesterday while people were on Washington’s Front Lawn (the Mall) participating in the Equality March for Unity and Pride in exceptionally hot weather, Spouse and I went another direction…
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“Pride” and the Gay Community

This is Pride week in Washington, DC, where several events, including a parade, a dance, a street festival, and a march for “Unity and Pride” are going on. The march is among dozens of “marches” for this-and-that (science, women, climate, etc.) because the administration of #45 is all about destruction of the environment and reverting to anti-you-name-it policies of the neanderthal era of the 50s.

So there are indeed reasons to demonstrate and voice opinions, especially when dealing with the current hostile, narrow-minded, and bigoted President, Vice President, and appointed heads of the Executive branch of the U.S. Government, and downright hateful majority in Congmess, the Legislative branch.

As I was reading an article in the newspaper on Saturday about the history of the “Pride” events in the country and particularly in Washington, DC, I commented to my spouse…
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Coming Out By Another Ordinary Guy Who Rides

LanglitzmeonbikeI have written on this blog fairly often that I feel that I am just a regular guy, a motorcycle rider, one who chooses to wear leather garments regularly (rather than just as a costume or once-a-year events), and a guy who happens to be gay.

I received an email from a reader, a fellow biker, and who recently came out. He explained his feelings to me. With his permission, here is what he said–
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Walking Out Hand-In-Hand

On Christmas Day, my twin brother and his wife wanted to attend Catholic mass. We selected the parish church in the neighborhood where we both grew up. I was pleased that my spouse, also Catholic, decided to join us.

My mother-in-law was not feeling strong enough to go out, but she assured us that she would be fine at home alone for a couple hours while we were gone.

We arrived…
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