Blog Overtakes the Website

Dear followers of BHD’s Musings,

I sincerely appreciate your checking in for whatever I may choose to post on my blog. Interestingly, the traffic of visitors to this blog has now consistently surpassed the traffic of visitors to my boots & gear website. For the past several months, the average daily unique visitors to this blog now exceed the average daily visitors to my website by a statistically significant margin.

Why is this happening?
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Back in Booted Business By Removing a Space

[Updated/correctly chastised/tail behind legs]

As noted in my previous post, my website was temporarily down when the registrar for the website’s domain decided that they had to have a sudden confirmation of ownership. The registrar sent an automated email to an account that I seldom check, and that email account captures auto-generated email as likely spam, so the email went to a spam folder. They sent an email to a back-up account — on the domain that they suspended, so I did not get that, either. What a way to run a railroad.

Anyway, after 48 hours and the website still not working, with some sleuthing, I fixed it myself by…
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Website Timeout

I noticed that I was not receiving or able to access email on Sunday night. I thought perhaps the server that supports my website was having a temporary glitch.

But when the website still was not working yesterday morning and I was getting a “server not found” error, I grew concerned. I contacted…
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Boot Retailer’s Reputation: Unethical

I regret to learn that a boot retailer from which I have purchased many pairs of boots has behaved unethically, and after giving them a chance to explain themselves and not receiving any response or acknowledgment, I breathe a deep sigh and now have to pursue a copyright infringement claim against them. This situation is quite regrettable.
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