Back in Booted Business By Removing a Space

[Updated/correctly chastised/tail behind legs]

As noted in my previous post, my website was temporarily down when the registrar for the website’s domain decided that they had to have a sudden confirmation of ownership. The registrar sent an automated email to an account that I seldom check, and that email account captures auto-generated email as likely spam, so the email went to a spam folder. They sent an email to a back-up account — on the domain that they suspended, so I did not get that, either. What a way to run a railroad.

Anyway, after 48 hours and the website still not working, with some sleuthing, I fixed it myself by…
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Website Timeout

I noticed that I was not receiving or able to access email on Sunday night. I thought perhaps the server that supports my website was having a temporary glitch.

But when the website still was not working yesterday morning and I was getting a “server not found” error, I grew concerned. I contacted…
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Boot Retailer’s Reputation: Unethical

I regret to learn that a boot retailer from which I have purchased many pairs of boots has behaved unethically, and after giving them a chance to explain themselves and not receiving any response or acknowledgment, I breathe a deep sigh and now have to pursue a copyright infringement claim against them. This situation is quite regrettable.
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Mobile-Friendly-izing the Website

Even though I do not have or want a wallet-sucking so-called “smart” phone, I realize nowadays that more than 90% of my website’s visitors come from mobile devices.

Mobile devices these days have all sorts of screen sizes and formats. They also use different kinds of browsers than what my traditional desktop computer uses. These devices’ browsers are pretty good at adapting web content to view it, except…
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