Riding Freedom (and a Cop’s Support)

I awoke Saturday, January 20, to horrible news that befell my country at midnight Friday due to people who are supposed to represent us failing to do their jobs. I will not turn this post political, but let’s say the DIC and his cronies are being dicks and my country suffers further at the cost of $138 million/day. Also, January 20 is the one-year anniversary of the disaster whose terror has proven true rang in my memory, too.

On top of that, The Spouse has not been well and caregiving takes its toll.

Thankfully, we were blessed with…
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Wearing Out Firefighter Boots

I mentioned in my most recent post on this blog that I received a new pair of Chippewa Firefighter (27422) boots. I have raved about these boots since I discovered them in 2007. Their comfort, design, style, durability, and performance for wear while operating my big ol’ Harley is second-to-none, in my opinion.

These have been the first pair of boots of the some 250+ boots that I have owned that I have ever …
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Boot Changes As Quickly As The Weather

Lately here in the DC ‘burbs, the weather has been highly variable. Record-breaking warmth one day, followed by snow flurries and cold rain the next day, windstorms and drizzle and sun and warmth and cold and … oh my… at least it’s not raining men. (I have the only man I need, thanks.)

Anyway, with the temperatures varying by some 50F day-to-day, and with the precipitation also changing as rapidly as the temperatures, I accommodate those weather changes by changing boots much more frequently, too.
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Chippewa Firefighter Boots: Boot Feature

Continuing with a periodic posting of boots that I like a lot, and also rank high in the number of searches for information about, today this blog’s boot feature is about Chippewa Firefighter boots.

Actually, the manufacturer calls these boots “Men’s 8″ black polishable engineer steel toe rugged outdoor boots.”

Engineer? And no mention of the station boot style?
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A Cop’s Son Wants Tactical Boots for School

It is that time of year again when schools open for the next school year. In years past, I helped great nephews of high school age to get boots to wear to school. As far as I know, all those I got booted are still wearing them, even to college.

At a recent motorcycle police rodeo, I overheard a motor officer speaking with his son about going back to school. That conversation wasn’t unusual, but my ears perked up when I heard the son ask his Dad,
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Are Chippewa Boots Worth the Wait?

rp_Chipshine29.jpgChippewa boots, made in the USA, are good-quality boots. They make a very large number of models of boots from motorcycle, logger, packer, hiking, and work boot styles, among others.

I have always been amazed by the huge variety of boots that Chippewa offers. But that variety has its pluses and minuses — the worst of the negatives includes…
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