Motorcycle Police Boots

Sometimes when I am looking for ideas to write about on this blog, I check a stats log that works with my website boot pages to see what questions or searches are trending. Lately, the most searches that have directed visitors to my website have been about “motorcycle police boots” or “cop boots” or “police motorcycle boots” or even “boots that CHP wears” [sic] and so forth. Literally thousands of searches every week direct visitors to this blog and my website about those boots in particular.

So what’s the story? Why so many searches on those boots?
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Tall Boots for Men

I am asked from time to time what manufacturers and styles of tall boots I like to wear, and do I enjoy wearing tall boots over my pants, jeans, or breeches. This post is about my preferences for tall men’s boots, especially nowadays where my lower legs have lost muscle tone with age.

There are four basic styles of tall boots designed for men. They are…
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Boot Vendor Communicators: The Good and the Bad

These days when so many orders for new boots are placed via on-line ordering systems, it is expected that vendors will send an email to acknowledge placement of the order, provide order details, and information on when to expect delivery. That is common.

What is woefully inconsistent is how vendors communicate with purchasers after-the-sale, especially to confirm delivery.

There are some excellent vendors who communicate very well, and some really bad ones with whom I have experience. Learn more…
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Breaking In Tall Boots

Copsnewdehners1A reader wrote to me recently to ask for a link to a video that I produced a long time ago, but remains “evergreen” in its instructions. The video was titled, “Training the Ankles of New Dehner Patrol Boots,” and is applicable to breaking in any pair of boots that have a stiff backstay (a strip of leather that runs up and down the back of the inside of the boot lining to stiffen and support the boot and hold up the top).

The blog post about how to break in tall boots and “train the ankles” was last written in July, 2009. I appreciate my reader’s request for that information again and I will repeat it here, with a few updates.

So, just how should you break in a new pair of tall boots?
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Asked And Answered On This Blog

Bootsoffice2When one has had a boots-and-gear-and-motorcycle-and-loving spouse -related blog for as long as I have, it is darn hard to come up with fresh content for my posts. I remain dedicated to post a new blog about every two days, but I struggle with finding ideas to write about.

I look into a stats site that gives me insights as to what people are searching for that directs them to this blog. So many questions, but over the years, as far as this blog is concerned, it is “asked and answered.” I have not seen a new question or search in more than a year (or longer) that I have not previously addressed.

Here are some of the latest searches or questions that…
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Sleek Beauty of Dehner Patrol Boots

dressstock1225The Dehner Boot Company of Omaha, Nebraska, has been making equestrian riding boots for over 130 years, and has been outfitting motorcycle police officers since the 1910s. Today is no different — many cops still wear Dehner boots. Unfortunately, those short tactical boots are making headway onto officers’ feet, but I still go back to “nothing like a Dehner.”

rp_Cops12.jpgWhen a cop shows up on a police motorcycle in full uniform, including breeches and Dehners, one can’t help…
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Police Motorcycle Competition Pix

My staycation last week did not completely consume my time with knocking off projects on the “honey-do” list and looking after my mother-in-law. I took two days to serve as a judge at one of the largest motorcycle police riding competitions (aka “police rodeo”) held in Virginia. I cropped, edited, and posted 142 photos from the event. Some of what I saw with comments…
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A Cop’s Son Wants Tactical Boots for School

It is that time of year again when schools open for the next school year. In years past, I helped great nephews of high school age to get boots to wear to school. As far as I know, all those I got booted are still wearing them, even to college.

At a recent motorcycle police rodeo, I overheard a motor officer speaking with his son about going back to school. That conversation wasn’t unusual, but my ears perked up when I heard the son ask his Dad,
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Surrounded By Cops

CopriderIn closing my staycation this year, I continued my service as a judge for a motorcycle police riding competition, otherwise known as a “motorcycle police rodeo.”

This event was held on Friday and Saturday, and I rode there on my own Harley each day. I am glad that my spouse has recovered enough from his illness such that I could leave him alone.

I enjoyed…
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