Tall Boots for Men

I am asked from time to time what manufacturers and styles of tall boots I like to wear, and do I enjoy wearing tall boots over my pants, jeans, or breeches. This post is about my preferences for tall men’s boots, especially nowadays where my lower legs have lost muscle tone with age.

There are four basic styles of tall boots designed for men. They are…
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Website Boot Pages With Highest Click Through Rate

I have an interesting non-invasive piece of software on all 729 of my website’s pages that gives me interesting summary information about website visits.

An intriguing detail shows the “click-through-rate” which my software defines as:

what percentage of people exposed to my website using Google for a given search actually clicked on the result for my website.

Here are the results of what types, styles, and manufacturers of boots draw the most visitors to pages on my website as a result of a google search.
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Motorcycle Boot Soles

Sole01I received an email the other day from a motorcycle rider who asked me about the soles on Boulet harness boots (shown here). He said:

I am concerned that the soles on these boots may cause a slip at stops or when trying to duck walk your bike in tight places, or to maneuver backing into a parking spot.

He has a legitimate concern about whether these boots would work well for motorcycle riding.

But like many questions about boots, the answer varies. Why?
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Top 10 Searches That Drive Visitors To This Blog

I have a nifty snippet of software that lets me know what drives people to this blog. Nowadays, well over 95% of visitors to this blog are coming from the top 3 search engines — Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Other search engines, not as much.

What information are the searchers looking for? The top 10 searches are all boot-related. No big surprise there. What are those searches? In reverse order, from 10 to 1, they are:
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Most Frequently Searched Boot Brands

I was looking at my handy-dandy website statistical analyzer data the other day, and I was intrigued but not surprised that four boot brands are the most frequently searched brands that drive visitors to this blog and my website. Wanna take a guess what those top four “most searched” brands are?
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Most Internet Searched Boots II

This post describes the top 5 most frequently searched boots or boot styles that direct visitors to my website using Google Webmaster Tools anonymous data. It follows from yesterday’s post that described rankings 10 to 6.

Here are the boots/boot styles most frequently searched from ranking of 5 to number one…
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Most Internet Searched Boots

I have a rather interesting software snippet that has been installed on my website throughout its decade of operation that gathers anonymous data to inform me where people are coming from and what they are looking for when directed to my website.

Recently, I looked at data on what boots names or styles are most frequently entered into an internet search engine and got directed to my website. The results were somewhat surprising, at least in the rankings. Here goes…
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