Denim Jeans for Bikers

rideelsonMost bikers I ride with wear regular denim jeans. Levis still tend to be the #1 choice, even though Wranglers are better for motorcyclists because the rolled leg seam on Wranglers is on the outside while the rolled seam of Levis are on the inside, making the jeans a bit more uncomfortable to wear while mounted on an iron horse.

However, being an affirmed ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time) advocate, I know that regular denim jeans can tear in a crash, providing little protection from horrible and debilitating road rash.

However, I have found the solution for bikers who want to wear jeans and also want protection. The solution is…
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Harley-Davidson Branded Boots Review

rideelsonMy screen name here is “Booted Harleydude.” I show images of me geared up in motorcycle boots, leather and ballistic nylon gear, and a helmet whilst riding my Harley-Davidson 2008 Road King motorcycle. One would think, then, if I am so interested in the Harley-Davidson brand enough to use some of the name in my screen name, why I choose not to wear Harley-Davidson motorclothes, including the leather and the boots. Here’s why…
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Change Hours To Ride To Work Again?

Harleytowork2016On Thursday last week, I rode my Harley to work so I could take the boss to lunch aboard the bike. I delayed my departure from home until sunrise so that it would not be dark while riding to work.

The boss knows that I gave up riding my Harley to the office since my work hours were such that it was always dark by the time of my arrival, and since my crash, I will not ride in the dark any more. He knows that I would rather commute by Harley, so he asked me,
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The Home Circle

rp_Fall2010.jpgMy life outside of work focuses on caring for my spouse, our home, the affordable-housing properties that I rent to local community heroes, my work with my local fire department, and occasional community wonky meetings as a resident old fart (I mean, old sage.) My spouse and I do not have a social life. Those kinds of things are in our distant past with nice memories.

Juggling time for my current-day activities when one is working full time can be…
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