Not the Party Guy

This is the season for parties… holidays and family events (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) I am still mustering the spirit, which is difficult for me personally what with the National Embarrassment of the DIC and with my own spouse’s ongoing battle with what seems to be flares of illness that probably will haunt him for the rest of his life. (Oh well, at least we can celebrate a little bit that there will not be a homophobic right-wing extremist hypocrite in the U.S. Senate).

As sociable as I appear to be, I am really not…
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No Scene Required for Identity

I received a thoughtful email from some who said that he is a long-time reader of this blog, but from whom I have not heard from before. He lives near the area about which I recently posted, noting that the downsizing of these monuments is, in his opinion as it is mine, a travesty.

But what this writer said in the second paragraph of his message was intriguing to me, and in my opinion, spot-on with how I feel about …
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Bears Ears and Escalante

It is hard for me to believe, but just four months ago, my buddy “S” and I were on the most crazy-awesome motorcycle adventure in Utah. Friday, 28 July, was when we rode 321 miles through the Bears Ears National Monument and the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument land areas of Utah. S recently sent me a shirt (shown here) as a thank-you for our fun times. (Thank YOU, S, for going with me and your safe and sane riding!)

Back to the ride 28 July segment of our ride… we rode in a monsoon for half of it … but nonetheless, a highly…
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A Little Christmas Surprise

Last week I was speaking with The Spouse about Christmas. For the last several years, our Christmases have been rather depressing. What with The Spouse’s illness that made Christmases of 2012 and 2013 awful, then having to spend the holiday at his mother’s dark, decrepit small town and home since we aren’t bringing her to our house (she can’t handle it any more), Christmas has been dreary. I have just wanted to get through the end of December and move on to the next year. (Photo here, though, of me in years past.)

Last year was about the worst. I was…
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100 Years

It is hard for me to believe, but 100 years ago in a rural area of the Choctaw Nation within the borders of a state that just earned statehood ten years previously, a baby girl was born. That infant grew to become the most profound influence on my life. Well, after all…
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Riding When I Can

After full recovery to usual strength by Saturday morning, The Spouse and I got busy extra early with our usual morning activities. I was replacing a utility sink in our basement, and needed plumbing parts. Knowing the big box (agent orange) store would be slammed, we were there at 0630 to get the parts I needed before the crowds descended on the store.

We returned home, and then I prepared the usual mixed gluten-free flour waffles for The Spouse, while I…
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Another Kind of Black Friday

So this year’s Feastival is over. I think we would call it a success. 106 guests over 12 hours, with two prominent elected officials that I could not chase away because my guests liked to talk to them. (As long as they did not bring an entourage of handlers and turn my event into a photo op, I could tolerate having uninvited guests.)

Spouse even managed to…
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