Boots of the Past Week

As requested, I will (try to) resume posting a summary of the boots that I wore during the past week.

Having a large collection of cowboy, dress, motorcycle, and work boots which I wear every day, I choose from a large variety of styles, colors, and designs.

This is a short chronicle of the boots on my feet since last Friday night…
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Tall Boots for Men

I am asked from time to time what manufacturers and styles of tall boots I like to wear, and do I enjoy wearing tall boots over my pants, jeans, or breeches. This post is about my preferences for tall men’s boots, especially nowadays where my lower legs have lost muscle tone with age.

There are four basic styles of tall boots designed for men. They are…
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Stack, Roll, or Slit Jeans for Boots?

Occasionally I get questions or comments about the correct style to wear jeans with boots. Until fairly recently, if anyone looked for images on the web about how how long jeans should be to wear over boots, the images would always show jeans long enough to gently stack (or fold) on the boot tops, but not so long that the jeans drag on the floor behind the heel. (So my “Wearing Cowboy Boots” tutorial has said for as long as it has been posted on my website).

Lately as the young’uns (aka “millennial generation”) have taken to wearing fashion boots, or the young’uns being marketed to by Tecovas Boots (since the owner is a millennial himself), there have been images that…
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