Sleek Beauty of Dehner Patrol Boots

dressstock1225The Dehner Boot Company of Omaha, Nebraska, has been making equestrian riding boots for over 130 years, and has been outfitting motorcycle police officers since the 1910s. Today is no different — many cops still wear Dehner boots. Unfortunately, those short tactical boots are making headway onto officers’ feet, but I still go back to “nothing like a Dehner.”

rp_Cops12.jpgWhen a cop shows up on a police motorcycle in full uniform, including breeches and Dehners, one can’t help…
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Spamming This Blog

One of the unfortunate things that bloggers have to deal with are those nefarious bot-driven spammers. The one that occurs on this blog most frequently is from those idiots in India who use fake American-sounding names with messages about SEO (search engine optimization). They attempt to post comments on several of my blog posts. The comments all begin with, …
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Not In This Wedding

help-me-groom-shoesA close friend is (finally) getting married to his girlfriend of many years. This friend was married before, but his previous wife died in a tragic car crash ten years ago. So when he decided to get married again, he asked me to serve as a groomsman in his wedding. I don’t know what I was thinking when I said “yes” — well, perhaps I was thinking the wedding would be informal.

At our age if a wedding occurs, especially a second wedding, it is usually much less formal. But both the groom and the bride have both sets of parents and grandparents still living, and their expectations are for a very fancy and formal wedding. The bride’s parents are loaded–so all the trappings of a big wedding are expected.

I generally avoid weddings, but was considering participating as requested for the sake of my friend (and his fiancee who is really sweet). However, when I happened to be at my friend’s mother’s house last week (doing a minor plumbing repair), she said…
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