Police Motorcycle Competition Pix

My staycation last week did not completely consume my time with knocking off projects on the “honey-do” list and looking after my mother-in-law. I took two days to serve as a judge at one of the largest motorcycle police riding competitions (aka “police rodeo”) held in Virginia. I cropped, edited, and posted 142 photos from the event. Some of what I saw with comments…
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A Cop’s Son Wants Tactical Boots for School

It is that time of year again when schools open for the next school year. In years past, I helped great nephews of high school age to get boots to wear to school. As far as I know, all those I got booted are still wearing them, even to college.

At a recent motorcycle police rodeo, I overheard a motor officer speaking with his son about going back to school. That conversation wasn’t unusual, but my ears perked up when I heard the son ask his Dad,
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Surrounded By Cops

CopriderIn closing my staycation this year, I continued my service as a judge for a motorcycle police riding competition, otherwise known as a “motorcycle police rodeo.”

This event was held on Friday and Saturday, and I rode there on my own Harley each day. I am glad that my spouse has recovered enough from his illness such that I could leave him alone.

I enjoyed…
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Boots on the Road Again

I most sincerely appreciate my twin brother’s “hijack” of my blog and his heartfelt greetings. I really wish I could have been at his villa in Rome to share our birthday, but that trip was not to be this year.

I had a very quiet and subdued birthday at home with my spouse. We did not go anywhere or do anything special. He is still not feeling well and we just enjoyed each other’s company while I (tried) to avoid working.

However, that afternoon…
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Spouse: Found

SunnyspouseThe relapse of the infection that my spouse has been fighting this week has produced highly variable symptoms, including vertigo, nausea, brain fog, and aphasia (unable to express words, though he knows them.)

Because of the room-spinning dizziness, he could not keep solid foods on his tummy. The brain fog — a cloud of non-comprehension — caused him to not be “in the present.” He could function physically, but not mentally. The combination of these symptoms is frightening.

I posted yesterday that my spouse was missing. Last night, however…
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